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Foam latex with Animation Toolkit armature

I made Barbara during my Stop Motion 1 course at the Aardman Academy. She starred in my graduation film Mattricide.

Barbara is a mix of foam latex and bandages. Her head has a balsa wood skull with animatable eyes, brows, jaw and mouth.

Her hair is made from pure sheep’s wool needle felted into her skull.

Rigging her from above enabled me to have her in heels.
Foam and latex build-up

Stop motion puppet reading a newspaper
Barbara with eyelids.
“I’m ready for my close-up”
Rollers were made from straws, heat was applied to set the curls.
Before the perm. Barbara’s jacket was adapted from a Barbie garment.
My eyes! Early foam skinning – the stuff of nightmares
A balsa skull, moveable brows, lips and jaws.

see Barbara in action…