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Silicone puppet with Malvern armature

Lola was born from a clay sculpt in a two-part mould. She is a 6:1 scale child. I made Lola during a one week mould-making workshop. Her hair is made from pure sheep’s wool needle felted into her scalp.

I eventually remade her hands and made her latex converse boots.

Absolute Lola is a short film about friendship, currently in development.

Lola before her arms were chopped off

Original clay sculpt
I took a mold of Action Man shoes to make Lola’s converse boots. I mixed acrylic paint with latex.
Hand trials before latex sculpt.
First sketch of Lola. I wanted to capture a child who looked lost and vulnerable.

Two-part mold process
Resin and fibreglass mold
Reference material

see Lola in action…