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Prop and model making

I have worked as an art department assistant and taught myself how to make basic props and models during my time making my own stop motion films.

Mattresses (6:1 scale)

The mattresses for the stop motion thriller ‘Mattricide’ needed to ‘walk’.

I created an aluminium wire frame armature inside foam and covered in a cotton fabric. The ‘dimples’ were created by sewing in tiny buttons.

Animatable mattress with wire armature.
Is it a puppet or a prop?

Benches (6:1 scale)

These benches were made with 3D printed frames and solid cedar struts.

I made the bolts by pushing a ‘dimple’ into the wood and gluing in cut-off pin-heads.

I created an aged look with an acrylic wash.

Two identical benches were made for Mattricide.
Bolts on benches!

Laptop and desk (6:1 scale)

Layers of cardboard glued and filed into shape and sprayed silver. The hinge was made with a straw and toothpick. It even has a green screen.

The solid cedar desk had a walnut oil finish. It needed to be strong and riggable.

Miniature MacBook Pro for Disastermind music video
Cedar desk for Disastermind music video

Snack & Drinks (6:1 scale)

Popcorn and drinks made of foam clay and paper. Straws made of twisted polymer clay.

These cute cinema snacks were made for an ident for Barnes Film Festival.

Donut and hat made of polymer clay.

Miniature snacks for Barnes Film Festival.
Donut, hat and newspaper for Worm Detective

Weird eyeballs (music video)

Made from foam and milliput.

Masks (film and events)

Mostly made from papier mache, and sometimes with real animal horns.

(c) Longtails movie
(c) Longtails movie
(c) Longtails movie
(c) Longtails movie
Replica of David Bowie’s mask in Labyrinth


Did I mention I love making hands.

2-part mold and 2 types of clay.
I love making hands!

Latex dip and sculpt.