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Set build & set dressing


I created the entire set for my Aardman Academy graduation film ‘Mattricide’.

The sets for this Hitchcockian thriller had their own story to tell as our heroine ran from the town square, through seedy streets to the safety of of her pastel palace.

The street scenes are inspired by East London, often strewn with dumped mattresses.

In East London you’re always within 12 feet of an abandoned mattress

The brick walls are KAPA line foamboard. Bricks were carved using a 3D printed roller then painted with acrylic followed by a dirty wash.

The corrugated shutters were made from cardboard packaging sprayed silver. I added a few diluted paint washes to give a more manky look.

The pavement was carved from cork tiles.
The sign actually lights up! Made from acrylic and foam board.

A mix of birch ply and balsa
Wood filler and paint…
And voila.
Plywood exterior. Windows are from the outer shell of a child’s pop-out card game.
Foamboard interior with duplicate door. Plywood table and balsa shelves and door frame.
3D printed texture rollers

Creating film noir shadows
KAPA bricks v clay bricks

see the Mattricide set in action…

Public toilets